The ORBITON appears as a floating bubble which changes shape randomly over time.

This project began as a series of large BUBBLES that I invented and built for the theatre production of "Black Water" by Alice Farley Dance Theatre at La Mama in New York City.  The bubbles received such a positive audience reaction that I decided to make them into a product. They pre-date by many years the current handheld mylar "spinners" on the market today -- which are wonderful in their own right.

The original product prototype was called HOLOBUBBLE and my vision was:  a bubble floating impossibly in a clear cube. There is a video of this prototype below. The invention was awarded this patent.

The ORBITON was manufactured by Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Games Company. Unfortunately I think a lot of the HOLOBUBBLE magic was lost in the production realization of the ORBITON.

I was honored that an architecture firm in the UK saw the ORBITON and decided to include my bubble tech in their design for a giant sculpture in the LONDON MILLENNIUM DOME EXPOSITION IN 2000..

Original HOLOBUBBLE prototype