Together with Alice Farley and Skye Leith, I co-founded the performance company “TripleVision.” The three of us created cabaret style shows that blended live performers with puppets and visual special effects using a stage technique known as "Black Art."  

TripleVision was signed by International Creative Management (ICM) and represented by the legendary agent Bill Barnes -- Tennessee Williams's agent. TripleVision co-headlined at the Las Vegas Hilton in the Bal du Moulin Rouge review, at the Sands and Castle casinos in Atlantic City and in other venues around the country. We performed often in collaboration with world renown extraordinary magician Jeff McBride, whose generosity and support contributed to TripleVision's success. 

Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil, saw our show in Las Vegas and hired us to collaborate with Cirque over several years.

We were later hired to be the illusion consultants for Peter Allen’s Broadway show LEGS DIAMOND. It was for that show that the three of us created, I think, some ground breaking work in the field of Black Art which pushed the realm of what was possible with the technique. Sadly, this work was never filmed.

"Black Art" is a stage magic technique where performers are clad from head to toe in black velvet and so, with the help of some specifically directed lighting, are completely invisible on stage. This is much like Japanese Bunraku where multiple performers in black operate a puppet, except that in Bunraku the performers are mostly visible. In so-called Black Art, they are not. So the puppets appear to be alive, like live animation on stage. And this makes other wonderful, magical special effects possible.

Here are some snippets of video that we did manage to record.

Visual Effects Experiments
The Blues Birds