The Lighter Than Air Lamp is both a fully functional torchiere style room light and a kinetic sculpture:  a lit bulb floating magically.

A dedicated remote allows color and brightness control of both the top room light and the lit floating bulb, as well as control of movement of the bulb. A variety of constant or changing color palettes can be selected for either light, and several activity levels, from stationary to calm to active, can be selected for the bulb movement. Favorite color and movement settings can be saved for quick access, and the tilting of the remote can even act as a "magic wand" type of control of the bulb movement for play.

I invented the light, did the mechanical engineering and wrote the original software. The Prototype was built by Heron Elite with industrial design by Samson Yang and additional electronics and software developed by Chomp Microelectronics, Ltd. 

The lamp is not currently in production.

Prototype Demo
Music by code: LXNEWJ1OCDUN2WMT