Two transparent panels clamped around a transparent rubber strip by four bolts create a water tight reservoir:  a flower vase. 

Wing nuts and springs on the bolts allow quick disassembly without tools, and the rubber strip is flexible enough to be shaped into a wide variety of forms yet maintain a seal when the panels are reassembled. 

By bending the rubber strip into different positions, some of which can form multiple reservoirs as well as trap air in unexpected ways, one is given the unique ability to sculpt water. 

The shapes formed by the water in combination with the shapes formed by the rubber strip itself, which do not always coincide, change the appearance of the vase. 

At the same time, changes in position of the rubber strip allow wide latitude both in how flowers are aesthetically positioned and in the number of flowers that may be functionally supported – from a single flower to a full bouquet.

The Versa Vase was manufactured and distributed by Can You Imagine.

Packaging front

Packaging back